top rated baby monitors

Top rated baby monitors for safety can help parents to make sure their baby is comfortable. Especially for new parents that usually always check on their baby every cry. Sometimes checking up on the baby so often can disturb his or her sleep patterns, as babies tend to be light sleepers. It can be tired and frustrating to hurry into the baby’s room to assess the situation all the time, especially if the baby will just quiet down and fall back asleep in no time at all.

For safety reason, baby monitors shouldn’t be used as a substitute for adult supervision. They should be considered a convenience that can help parents keep tabs on sleeping babies. Using this device can alert you to a situation before it becomes serious, such as hearing your baby coughing, crying, or making some other sign of distress.

Top Rated Baby Monitors for Safety Criteria

What are major criteria to choose the top rated baby monitors for safety?  Below we’ve listed these criteria:

1. Clear reception is a major consideration while looking for a baby monitor.  Low end wireless baby monitors may even pick up the talks on cordless telephones or the sounds may be jumbled by other electronic gadgets like microwaves. If you want to do away with interference, the solution is to go for a baby infant monitor with a range matching the size of your house. If you choose a larger one, it will catch your neighbor’s frequency too. Research shows that digital baby monitors are better at dealing with interference than analog one, so you should also factor this in. If you choose an analog monitor, make sure that it does not have a frequency similar to your cordless phone and go for minimum two channel selections.

2. The warning system. The top rated baby monitors for safety should come with a built-in warning system of lights and/or beeps. This alarm will let you know if you’ve gone out of reach, if your battery power is low or if your baby is in danger. The lights are also a useful feature because it allows parents the option of turning off the sound and relying on a series of flashing lights to tell when the baby is distressed.

Top rated baby monitors for safety come in all price ranges with all kinds of features. You can also read Baby Monitor Guide to help you find the best one. For basic model audio baby monitor under $50, you can buy at $35.96 for the VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor which is considered the best buy product. Another inexpensive model with completed features is the Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor, which sells for $179.9,  The MBP36 digital baby monitor has an impressive range of up to 200 meters with an out of range warning , infrared night vision and data encryption is built-in for added security that offers minimal-to-no interference. For complete information, please read comparison of baby video monitor under $200.