The Best Baby Video Monitor Features

Baby video monitor features will make you feel like you are in the same room with your baby. This device serve as the eyes and ears of the parent when he or she is in another room.  A Baby monitor systems comprised of a child transmitter, parent receivers and a wall-mounted or tabletop video camera. Some monitors allow you to talk to your baby and hear them talk back. Some allow you to take pictures or record videos that can be posted on Facebook or other social media.

Baby video monitor is more popular than audio monitor since it allows parents to see and hear what’s going on. In addition to safety benefits, many parents enjoy live video and clear audio. It’s also provide immediate alert if there is a problem and allow you to watch and listening your baby.

Baby Video Monitor Features Comparison

There are many factors to be considered while selecting the best for you and your baby. Several baby video monitor features  are:

1. Image Quality , A baby video monitor will be the best if it can provide good quality pictures. Bigger screen size will be worthed when come with great image quality. Smaller screen will save your budget.

2. Range, is maximum range of baby monitor can transmit clear video images. Usually 400 – 600 ft range is good.

3. Sound Monitoring, is crucial feature in daily use. It is the sound that will alert you to baby’s needs, and thus the clarity of the sound, and sound sentivuty  feature are both critical for best results.

4.Night Viewing, this is capability of the video monitor to view in a night, or at least in a darkened room.

5. Pan/Tilt/Zoom,  These features to watch for are remote pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, which will allow you to focus in on the exact location of your baby through remote controls on the monitor.

6. Additional Camera, For huge houses or for both parents working simultaneously, there is also the option to add or upgrade cameras,

You need to spend a little time considering which features you absolutely need. Most people just want a basic system that provides clear reception, has mobile handsets and picks up the sounds of the baby. Once you’ve had a basic system then you may need some special features, such as multiple handsets, additional camera, talk-back/intercom functionality or lights-only mode. Then you may need to know the temperature and humidity levels of the baby’s room. The point is you need to decide the best to joys of parenthood.

There are many different brands of baby video monitor systems available today and have all the the best baby video monitor features above. You can have the best buy under $200 or the best cheap under $100. Please compare to meet the best with your need and budget.

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