Best Fetal Doppler are designed to detect and monitor baby’s heartbeat while they’re still in the womb. This prenatal device allows you to hear, record and even e-mail the sounds of your baby inside your womb. You can listen the sounds your baby using this hand-held doppler at home. It’s fun to interact with your little one and will give you some peace of mind.

At home heartbeat baby monitor usually are pocket-sized and battery-operated devices with built-in speaker. This pregnancy heartbeat monitor send out high-frequency ultrasound waves that pass through your skin and body into your baby. When the waves encounter baby movement or baby heartbeat, they bounce back to the device. The heartbeat monitor then translates the movement into sound, which the machine amplifies so you can hear it.

Best Fetal Doppler Comparison

1. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic 

best fetal dopplerWomb Music Heartbeat baby monitor allows you to hear your baby’s sounds like kicks, movement and heartbeats. Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy’s ears! You can hear your baby’s heartbeat start at 8 week and it will be easier to hear after the 16th week of pregnancy.

You can even record the sounds to your computer to listen to later when the baby is older – a timeless keepsake. Recorded sounds can also be shared via Social Media to Friends and Family.

Includes the Womb Music monitor, two sets of earbuds, splitter, computer recording cable. Womb Music includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music with your Child’s Name in all the songs for your baby (Included Bonus valued at $20). Your free download code is included in your Womb Music package. This the best fetal doppler and recommend for you since since the price only $49. Please click here for customer review, rating and promo pricing

2. Summer Infant Heart to Heart Prenatal Listening System

best fetal dopplerThe baby heartbeat monitor from Summer infant is a wonderful way to hear and share the precious sounds of your unborn baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and kicks. It is the perfect way to start the bonding process with your baby. You can hear the precious sounds of your unborn baby with clear sounds.

The digital technology provides two sets of headphones let mom and baby share special moments listening together and bonding with baby. The adjustable positioning belt helps mom stay comfortable and volume control helps provide a great experience. Recommended for third-trimester listening. You can have this best fetal doppler only $18Please click here for customer review, rating and promo pricing. We recommend lubricating gel to reduce the static caused by moving the monitor around on the belly.